Snowpocalypse Begins!

I am cuddled up in bed, hiding from the storm. I, slightly ashamed, called out of work today. I work about 45 minutes from home, and have a little toy of a car…I was simply not comfortable going anywhere near the roads, even though the storm didn’t start until around 9ish this morning. So, I’m riding out the storm here at home, staying in PJs and drinking hot chocolate. I probably should do productive things, like clean my room and do laundry…but I’ll do that tomorrow, as I’m sure I won’t be going anywhere!

I live southwest-ish of Boston…predicted 18-24″ of snow. Aieeee!

However, this also means I’m relatively bored. I woke up at six, fussed around the computer, napped for an hour around twelve, and chatted with a coworker on the phone for a bit. Now I’m idly tapping my fingers and wondering what to do next.
So, here I am. I promised myself that this year, I would write more. Thankfully, I’ve got a great muse in the form of a stocky black pony critter…who is currently weathering the storm about an hour away. Sigh. 
Anyway, I’m going to take some time to brainstorm ideas for “mini-series” to blog about in between Image updates. They will be horse related, of course…just not sure what yet!
So, while I get to thinking…have a disgruntled!Image picture. L, in all her wonderfulness, has bundled Image up within an inch of his life so he and his pasture buddy can ride out the storm in style and warmth!
Cute stinker!

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