Does everyone remember the post where I explained how Image got his “official” name? The one that’s on that fancy halter plate and leather halter…?

Well, that actress (Stana Katic, for those of you who don’t remember) is basically a goddess. I have no shame (okay, maybe a little bit of shame, because it’s ridiculous) in saying that she is fantastic and I’d do some really terrible things just to spend a few minutes with her. That, in itself, is embarrassing…but it’s totally the truth.

Anyway, long story short…I found this picture:

Quote sniped from a recent episode of Castle, which Stana Katic stars in alongside Nathan Fillion

posted to her Facebook page.

I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a minute when I saw it.

I know it’s ridiculous to be so enamored with a celebrity. I’m usually a hell of a lot more down to earth than that. However, I have a major soft spot for any actress or musician that shows a real passion for what they do that goes far beyond the normal realm of loving what you do. Ms. Katic is completely and totally in love with her work — be it Castle, her small but mighty movie career, or her environmental work — and it shows in everything she does. She is immensely talented and she really becomes her characters. Castle, and her portrayal of the character Kate Beckett, really helped pull me through some of my worst days after GP died. I relate to the Beckett character in many ways, and it’s apparent that others see that as well…a good friend once said to me that she was sure that I was secretly Kate Beckett. I take that as a major compliment, because while the character is a total badass cop, she also possesses a lot of strength and determination. She’s vulnerable and has her demons, but she manages to fight them off when they bring her to her knees to become a whole person again. 

So, I was on Stana Katic’s radar for…like, half a second. And it sent me into spasms of fangirlish glee. It’s on my bucket list to meet her someday, just so I can shake her hand.

For now, I’m more than happy with this!


  1. Madeline C. February 15, 2013 / 3:21 am

    So now how do we get Brantley Gilbert to see a picture of me and my Brantley, who by the way, is named after the guy!


  2. Mare(+Missy) February 16, 2013 / 12:27 am

    New to your blog and enjoying getting caught up on your story!


  3. Amanda February 16, 2013 / 1:27 am

    Thank you! Congrats on being my first follower who I don't actually know in real life 😀


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