I’m freeeeee!

My doctor’s appointment yesterday for my wrist was all of 10 minutes long: “Your CAT scan was clean. It’s just a bad sprain. Take it easy, build up to your former level of physical activity, and don’t fall off any more horses for awhile.”

I happy danced my way to my company’s annual vendor banquet, where I proceeded to make nicey nice with many of the equestrian world’s top manufacturers, got some neat stuff (including a flashy new Troxel helmet that fits my round but little noggin perfectly!), ate some yummy food, and had a couple of drinks with friends.

Today I am taking it easy because dear God are my feet pissed off at me. I’m trying to muster up the motivation to clean my bedroom, bathroom, and do some laundry before I settle in for a movie day because I feel guilty for not being productive for another weekend in a row.

Tomorrow will be an Image Day — my best friend and surrogate sister, M, will finally be coming to meet her new “nephew” pony. Onward and upward!

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