Vets and Baths

You know when you bring your car in to the mechanic because it’s doing x, y, and z, and when you get there, it quits doing x, y and z?

That was my horse today.

I got to the barn directly after the vet (Dr. Mike Lennon of Nashoba Valley Equine — nice guy who is to the point…but he still laughed at my jokes, so he gets a thumbs up from me!). We exchanged pleasantries, and I went to halter my horse. He let me catch him with no fanfare…and let me run my hands all over his hind end with no reaction.

Well. Damn it.

Still, Dr. Lennon pulled some blood and agreed that his symptoms sounded much like Lyme. The blood will be sent off to Cornell University for the multiplex Lyme test, which is a much more comprehensive test than a simple Lyme titer. There’s a bunch of information here, if you’re interested in learning more!

So, I gave him a couple of hugs and put him back in the paddock. After work today, I headed back up to the barn because it was the first truly warm day this year…like, almost 80 degrees warm! So, once I realized just how warm it was…I decided it was bath time.

I have been itching to give him a bath since I brought him home. There is nothing better than a shiny, clean, soft pony! I’m also vain and probably spend too much time on his mane and tail…but, whatever, he likes the attention. So, I put him in the wash rack and went to work.

He stood like a stone for me, but made it abundantly clear that this was No Fun. The look on his face was so disgruntled that I couldn’t help but giggle at him. By the time I was done, the sun was setting so I layered a few coolers on him, and brought him into the barn. I began toweling off his face (mostly as an excuse to love on him)…aaaand then I did this:

Most. Tolerant. Horse. EVER.

I adore him.

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