Friday Fun

I’m a mean pony mama.

I do things like confuse my horse entirely by plunking a mounting block behind my (very patient, very tolerant, very kind) horse to take pictures of his back for a saddle fitter…and then hugging his bum ’cause every inch of him is huggable! This was the look I got:

“What the actual hell are you doing?!”

Then today, after begging off of work early, I scraped the mud off him that he so kindly caked on himself after yesterday’s monsoon, and then did this:

I shouldn’t ever be allowed within 50 feet of a bottle of Twinkle Glitter.
Tomorrow, provided the stars align correctly, my friend L is going to come pick us up and drive us a whole five miles to her farm. I’m curious to see if he moves better in a larger round pen with decent footing. Since he last chiropractic appointment, I’ve noticed his stride has improved greatly. I haven’t pushed him much as we don’t have a fence arena or a round pen big enough for him to be comfortable in right now, so tomorrow will be interesting.

I may also re-glitter him and take more pictures.


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