Try, Try Again

I kind of had a feeling my search was going to be on the more difficult side.

The last time I was horse shopping, my parameters were much wider. Sound, mostly sane, and able to carry my weight were pretty much all I was looking for. Then Image happened, and he showed me what a smart little horse could become in a very short amount of time. Outside of his issues, he was perfect for me. If I could have cloned him into a rideable horse, I would have in an instant. I suppose I still could — I have his tail hair and all…

Ahem. Anyway.

I finally put up a post on’s message board after a huge letdown over a Paso gelding that sounded perfect, but has probably already been snapped up by someone faster and smarter than I am (though there is still a small part of me that’s hoping some miracle occurs and I can at least go look at him!). I’ve gotten a few emails and a couple of leads, including one pinto Standardbred/Paint cross (I know, I know…but he apparently has a running walk so we’ll see) that I am seriously considering going up to look at. I do have a tentative appointment to make a day trip to PA to see a Kentucky Mountain gelding, but I’m probably going to let him go in favor of the few closer leads I have.

My world is relatively quiet otherwise. I spent the past week house sitting for my sister’s foster parents in northern MA. I snuggled a very lovey goat, slept with a cat on my toes, and woke up to cold dog noses nudging. I’m back home now for most of the week, and then back up north for a weekend house sitting stint. It’s nice to be occupied, because I find myself hurting a little more than I have been this past week. It could be because we’re coming up on the “one month” date — I cannot believe a month has passed already. It could be because I’m allowing myself to look at pictures and videos and dear LORD do I miss that horse. It absolutely blows my mind how much I miss him and his funny little head tilt and his sweet snuggles and his tolerance of my inability to let him be dirty ever.

Tonight is a little less “stuck inside my own head”…a wonderful friend just offered me a ticket to Cavalia, the prestigious horse-centric play that’s currently in Somerville, MA. Not only will I be sitting front and center, I’ll get to explore the VIP lounge, eat good food, get some sort of small souvenir, AND MEET THE HORSES.

I may not sleep tonight. I am practically vibrating with excitement!

3 thoughts on “Try, Try Again

  1. L.Williams August 26, 2013 / 4:07 am

    I feel like the pain becomes a bit more real the further out you get, especially when you start doing things that might involve them. The pain is just a reminder that they aren't there and its been 3 months for me now and the closer I get to the date, the more emotional I become. I totally feel you, *hugs*


  2. SheMovedtoTexas August 26, 2013 / 4:57 pm

    The right horse will come along. I'm sorry your heart is hurting. 😦


  3. Madeline C. August 28, 2013 / 7:57 pm

    It'll be when you finally give up and stop looking some poor old hag lookin' pony will fall into your lap and you will turn it into a young vibrant brilliant shiny steed 🙂 All for you!


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