Home to Pride Rock

I’m sorry, but the Lion King references are NEVER EVER GOING TO STOP EVER.


So, after a WHIRLWIND of a week that included me panicking because HOLY SHIT WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT MY PONY??, a death plague from hell, having to arrange transport and boarding on short notice, and getting all the details in order…I haz a ponee!


My name is Simba and I am a handsome, handsome pony!

Long story short, M needed the critter moved by Saturday to avoid some strife with her current barn. I, in the most controlled manner possible (because HOLYSHIT PANIC TIME! inside my head), scoped out as many boarding situations at possible, seeing as L’s was full up. I had a lot of kind offers, but the one that made the most sense at the end of the day came from my aunt D. We chatted during the big family Thanksgiving dinner, and agreed that it could be win-win for both of us. Simba needed a place to call home, and D needs a bit of help around the farm. Once we iron out all the details, I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a great time!

So, this morning, I got up, watched an episode of My Little Pony (yes, I am a five year old at heart…), and scurried off to northern MA to meet up with D. She hooked up her trailer, and off we went!

The entire ride to western MA was peppered with conversation, but I was buzzing with electricity I was trying to contain. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I did such a great job of it, but such is life. My GPS did an excellent job of directing us through a quaint college town, full of gorgeous brick buildings and unnmarked speed bumps in the road that sent the entire rig sailing through the air once or twice (oops!). We made excellent time and pulled into Simba’s barn just as M was bringing him back up from the paddock.

I could tell by the shake in her voice that her heart was breaking. Today was very exciting for me, but having just lost a horse, albeit in an entirely different manner, I felt M’s heartache quite a bit. She loaded him on the trailer with no fuss from Simba, and we wandered off to sign paperwork.There were many hugs between us and many promises of pictures and blog posts and Facebook updates before we left.

Loaded up!

Simba was mostly quiet on the ride back — he hollered once or twice, and pawed a few times, but got over that relatively quickly. He didn’t make a peep back there once we got on the road. We made good time getting back to D’s house, and arrived just as the sun was casting a gorgeous golden glow over her paddock. Her Missouri Fox Trotter mare, Tory, and baby pinto gelding, Flynn, followed the trailer eagerly as we headed up the driveway. Surprise, kids! Here’s a new buddy to play with!

Checking out his new surroundings.

Simba was a little sweaty when we backed him off the trailer, and more than a little “wtf”-y about the whole situation. However, he kept himself in check and walked the driveway with me a few times before giving a proverbial shoulder shrug, and settling down to munch some grass. Once he heaved a sigh of contentment, I turned him out into the paddock. We had shifted D’s two horses over to the round pen so Simba could get the lay of the land, and so we could introduce Tory and Flynn one at a time. We spent a little time readying his stall and getting things organized before bringing Tory and Flynn back into the mix.

You always prepare for fireworks when introducing horses to one another, so I think we had both readied ourselves for the introductions to go screwy. We were both pleasantly surprised — there was some posturing, some squealing and striking, but soon enough they looked like a herd of three that had spent quite a long time together. I’m not even sure I really saw anyone pin their ears. The one thing that we both found kind of fascinating to watch was that Tory made sure to keep “her” baby Flynn away from the newbie. Tory has never had a foal, but since D’s eldest horse, Ripley, moved on to a new home, it’s obvious that the dynamic between Tory and Flynn had become protector-protectee. Tory was very much immersed in her role as protector and didn’t hesitate to tell Simba off if he got too close to “her” baby. It’ll be interesting to see how the herd pecking order comes together over the next few weeks, that’s for sure!

Once I was a little more sure there wouldn’t be hooves flying, I ducked into the paddock to snap some pictures. Simba needs a spa day, which he will get tomorrow, before I take any serious pictures, but I couldn’t resist getting some of him in Image’s bright blue halter. It’s his now, of course, but it made me smile to see it on a horse again.

BAH. He’s so stinking cute!

I have much more to say, but no energy to do so. I did want to get it out there that’s he’s here and adorable and I am so, so excited to see what happens next. I’ll have more to say tomorrow, including elaborating on the plethora of mixed emotions running through my ineffectual little brain!

Until tomorrow, ya’ll! 🙂

Flynn and Tory say “good night!”

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