Little Moments

Tuesday night, I went to the barn to feed for D. I was going to work with Simba on the same things we have been working on, but I was wiped out from a very uneventful day at work (it was so quiet we were all falling asleep!). I actually lucked out, because while Tory was being a twit about being caught, Simba got his exercise in the form of being inadvertently chased around the paddock with the stubborn mare. I groomed the crap out of him and scraped off another 10 lbs of fur, and stuffed him back in the paddock for a bit before feeding. Once he wandered off, I stepped out to say hello to the other horses.

I was talking to Tory and Flynn when I realized Simba was shuffling up behind me. His eyes were soft, and he didn’t immediately mug me for food. Instead, he stood quietly a few feet away (good boy!) with his ears pricked. I reached out to touch him, and he reached towards my hand with his nose. I tickled his upper lip, and he flipped it around, wiggling it across my knuckles. I laughed, and he heaved a blustery sigh at me, dropping his head. I rubbed his forehead and he stood there, head down low, eyes fluttering shut, allowing me to love on him. When I stopped, I got a look that plainly said “why has the petting stopped? More petting!”

Well. Okay then. Twist my arm, why don’t you??

D’aawww! Sidenote: realizing now I never got that post up about the tattoo. On the to-do list.

I had a soft eyed, mushy pony who was happy to stand around with me and be cuddled…and, to top it off, he plunked after me as I went to head out the gate. He probably was thinking “fooooood tiimmmeeee!” but he walked with me with his shoulder square to mine, stopped when I stopped, and backed up with me. Hey, I’ll take it!

These little moments give me hope. I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I’ve been struggling just a bit with connecting with this funny yellow horse. I haven’t really made the direct statement, but between an insanely terrible winter (never. again. will I purchase a horse right before the worst season of the year in New England), not giving myself enough time after Image’s passing, and trying to navigate a relationship with an animal who is much different in temperament than I ultimately wanted, I think I’ve had a harder time adjusting than he has!

Warm weather is finally looking like a possibility. D is gearing up for the season so we’ll be riding buddies soon enough. Friends from all over the state want to come and play with us.

Time to kick our asses into gear for pony boot camp! Yeehaw!

3 thoughts on “Little Moments

  1. SheMovedtoTexas April 3, 2014 / 7:10 pm

    Love sweet moments like these 🙂 I'd give Simba more time. After my string of heart breaking horses it took a while for me to really open up to Simon even.


  2. Alicia April 3, 2014 / 7:33 pm

    This winter downright sucked for so many of us. Spring is a wonderful thing.


  3. Aoife April 4, 2014 / 10:01 am

    Sounds super promising, love when they surprise us by being lovey-dovey like that. Kika has really mellowed on that front since moving to Lux – prob helps that I was the only constant from Ireland to here and when she arrived the other horses didn't understand her and she not them – all communication issues have since been resolved and she is her domineering self in the field again – but not towards me…i think i might go so far as to say K might actually like me!


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