Of course, it’s stifling and hot and dingbat has a nasty girth rub (bad pony mama!) that will. not. heal. and (biggest suck of all sucky things right now) my grandfather passed away on the 4th. He was ill, so he’s in a better place (Jesus H. Christ that’s cheesy), and hopefully with my grandmother, but there is still that hollow feeling that comes with loss. I, admittedly, did not know my grandfather well, despite the fact that my sister and cousins and I spent most major holidays running around his chair, so mostly I hurt for my aunts and uncles. I know this feel, and it’s not a fun feel. It’s the unfunnest feel of all feels.

I will say, however, that I will miss him taking my hand and asking me every time he saw me (without fail), “how are the hossies doin’?”

In other news, I will have legitimate content that is not boring or depressing tomorrow. I am ignoring the heat and all the other crazy New England summer things, and going riding at a coworker’s on one of her spicy, wonderful, give-it-to-me-NOW Paso Fino mares.

I may somehow stuff her into the back of my car. We’ll see how well that goes.

2 thoughts on “VACATION.

  1. Aoife July 9, 2014 / 3:08 pm

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather *hugs*
    I hope all went well with the Paso Fino & that she fit in the back of your car *sniggers*
    PS: Hope that Simba's ouchie heals up super fast and you guys can get back on track with your progress and 500mile (ish) walking – yay the proclaimers! OTT – but if you like their songs, have you seen a movie called Sunshine on Leith …released last year and features Proclaimers tracks – i have it recorded, if it stays this wet all evening (meaning i can't ride) i might watch it tonight….


  2. Lauren July 11, 2014 / 5:52 pm

    Colby, Charlie's Chincoteague pony best friend, also has one of those girth rubs that won't heal. So annoying! He isn't even ridden that much (like maybe once a week?) and even when we leave it alone and it looks like it's all better it comes back the next time we do anything more than meander around the ring. Makes me wonder if he has an old scar under there that keeps getting pressure rubs.


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